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                                  Manchester based artist and workshop facilitator

Seleena Laverne Daye (She/Her) is a textile artist making works primarily out of felt and using traditional techniques such as embroidery and cross stitch.

Seleena has also been making zines since the age of 15.

Seleena is a self-taught artist. Bradford born in 1984, Manchester raised, her work features topics relating to race, class, sexuality and gender whilst being heavily inspired by '90s popular culture. Creating a personal narrative with her art, aiming to make art accessible for everyone with the use of vivid imagery.

Skill sharing is an important factor into making art accessible, Seleena regularly delivers workshops from zine making, to embroidery.
Seleena is also one third of the artists' collective Yiiikes! Making vibrant multi-dimensional art that incorporates sculpture, paint and performance, aiming to engage and entertain the viewer with escapism into a parallel universe.

Creating spaces and platforms for the voices of marginalised people is something Seleena aims to do alongside her artwork, She is half of Poor Lass (a zine and podcast telling the stories of working class people) and 1 of Over Here (a collective creating spaces for creatives of colour)
When not making art/zines, Seleena likes; collecting tat, eating snacks, being a passionate fan of things, tap dancing and creating organised spaces.


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